Apostolic Girl Boss Workbooks

I've created a supply of 50 different guided daily, weekly, monthly planners workbooks, notebooks and logs to help you organize your day, your finances, your choices and thoughts.

Organizing your plans and thoughts, removes clutter from your mind and allows you to have room for clarity, creativity, motivation and success. The more organized you are, the more successful you will be.

"You aren't unsuccessful, you're unorganized." Let's fix that. Order your workbooks today!

Price - $7.99 each

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Order your copy of Kelly's NEW "Girl Boss Inspirational Guide"

This inspirational guide is a compilation of 3 years of writing and many extensive years of research and work with successful entrepreneurs. For those who would like one on one coaching sessions with me, but aren't ready yet, this large guided workbook is a great start for building your confidence and keeping you motivated and inspired to continue reaching your goals.

Price - $27

Description - Guided, soft covered workbook, 230 pages, filled with encouraging words, quotes and stories for the christian girl boss.

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Girl Boss Inspirational Guide (Electronic Copy)

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This is a digital copy of my softcover, 250 page guide. A downloadable copy will be sent to you when you check out. Enjoy!

Order my popular "Apostolic Girl Boss Accountability Planner"

The Apostolic Girl Boss podcast is a USA based podcast that is available on podcast stations across the country.

The AGB Accountability planner is a non-dated, 8 1/2" x 11" planner that was intended to be used to remind you of God's daily blessings.

It is made with black and white graph paper, with a section each day for writing your list of things to do.

At the completion of each day is an accountability checklist for tracking your spiritual, physical and daily habits.

Each planner page is followed by a blank page for you to write a letter to God about your day.

You may begin and end with any date you choose. You can use it daily, weekly or monthly, or however often you’d like.

50 pages - $7.99

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The Apostolic Girl Boss podcast was created to give apostolic women, from all walks of life, a place to find community, inspiration and small, start up, business support. We believe in one God, who’s name is Jesus. We believe in repentance and baptism in His name. We believe Jesus freely gives, anyone who asks, the gift of the Holy Ghost (you will then speak in tongues). We follow the scriptures to live a separate and consecrated life on earth. Our goal is to be a bride, who is using her talents, and also preparing to be ready for our bridegroom, Jesus, to return.

Click here for podcast episodes. You can also say or type Apostolic Girl Boss into your browser

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Zadie B's - "After Kelly designed our new website, we saw an instant conversion rate of 4.14%. The industry rate is 1.86%. Kelly tripled our business. Her staffing expertise helped us strategically hire and train staff, for our stores. She prepared our inventory and store logistics for the planned upsurge in web orders." Sonya Bryant, Owner/Designer

Our Healthy Families - "In six months of working with Kelly, my business became more polished and my income doubled." Beth D. Baus, MS, MTS, LMFT

Missio Academy - "Kelly's advice is right on point. Hiring Kelly is the best thing we've done for our company." Josiah and Amber Aston, Co-Founders

Holy Ghost Radio - "Kelly gave me great advice on how to grow my business and keep what works and get rid of what doesn't. Great strategy, thanks again!" - Jeff and Jeanette Hoffer, Owners

Apostolics At Sea - "Kelly set up one of our accounts and grew it exponentially, times 3. She taught and gave us clear instructions on how to run it ourselves after that. She is a valuable resource and leader." Jerry and Darlene Figueroa, Owners

One God One Cell Phone

Purchase Kelly’s 8x10 softcover picture book. This soft, 24 page picture book has a few sentences on each page, explaining the oneness of God with very simple analogies. Perfect for children or ESL learners.

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